STRIDERTM Pre Bikes starting at $99.95
If your child can walk , he or she can ride one !
Available in blue, red, green, yellow, orange, pink, or a monster jam or KTM version
These are just a few of the products we use and sell. We can get you what you need , just give us a call.
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RyanCo Racing  Kawasaki kx85/100 one piece power valve . This power  valve replaces the flawed stock 2-piece design found on the 2001-2013 models. This part  broadens the power  with better acceleration. Great as a bolt on mod. Price $179.95 Call to order  
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           Kawasaki kx85/100 fork valving kits
kawasaki finally upgraded the 2014 85/100 fork valving to the modern piston and shim type. We sell a kit to upgrade your 2013 and older bike to this modern set-up. We've been using this set up for years with great success. If you have a fast/aggressive rider this mod is a must. Call for pricing and recommendations for your specific rider.
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           Mini Bike hydraulic bottoming system
Most mini bike forks just have a rubber bumper stop for end of travel bottoming, which leads to an abrupt stop at the end of the travel and limited resistance. Installing this kit upgrades the forks to a hydraulic cone style bottoming system like big bike forks have. This adds resistance and control to the end of the stroke, and combined with our valving set-up, results in a plusher more controlled fork. A must for fast/aggressive riders. Call for pricing and model specifics   text.